We work in partnership with Councils & Commercial Organisations on driver training programmes to ensure they are compliant when it comes to safeguarding their reputation and their drivers.

We operate mainly in the Southeast but planning to expand our trainer network nationally.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Familiarisation & Assessment

(and Alternative Fuels).

This is a service for companies making the transition to an electric vehicle fleet. Our trainers are Energy Savings Trust Approved (EST is a government initiative). We also incorporate a “duty of care – driver assessment” within the 90-minute programme, both cost effective and time efficient.

Grey Fleet – Grey Fleet Audit 

The focus is on ensuring all areas of compliance are in place, meeting H&SE regulations. Pool car management remains a vulnerable area within many organisations.

Eco Driving ICE

We follow the EST programme for diesel/petrol fuelled vehicles. Two major benefits being Fuel Savings & Defensive Driving Techniques (designed to re skills your drivers to reduce fuel costs, reduce accidents and creates a practical reason to talk to your Insurers).


Mini Bus Driver & Passenger Assistant Training Courses delivering the official MiDAS & PATS Programmes where all our trainers are MiDas Approved (all courses certificated).

Risk Assessment

Our training is delivered in partnership with our client’s requirements, where we establish a programme of assessment(s) and reporting to meet your organisation’s needs. This may cover vetting for Recruitment or Induction to regular Annual Assessment or Post Collision support (or as identified by your fleet management system). Our experienced trainers simplifying driver training and all assessments are supported by driver reports to management. Increasing safety by reducing risk.