Expert Roadcraft is a Driver Training, Development & Consultancy business.

Our Philosophy

ER’s philosophy and approach is to look at problems and issues in a very different way, rather than just treat the symptoms, or simply satisfy the client’s brief (when there may be deeper underlying issues) we want to understand and treat the root causes of these issues. By working in collaboration with our clients, we aim to bring clarity and insight, which allows them to re-evaluate and assess their brief, so that our clients gain a brief that has been stress tested to meet their real needs from an independent perspective. We see our independence as a strength and of positive value to clients. Besides qualifying the brief, we know that this process will facilitate a well-conceived management plan that is operationally cost efficient.

Our Experience

The Directors experiences in the driver training field has been varied and extensive; our abridged biographies outline our personal professional journeys, that makes our approach different and enabled ER to develop organically over the last 3 years.

Our Clients

Our clients include West Berkshire Council, Northwest Leicestershire Council, Slough Borough Council, Swale Council and Guildford Borough Council, Enterprise Holdings.

Our Services

Our services in Electric Vehicles is where we continue to grow our expertise as the market gathers pace in both the Public & Private sector.