Our Genesis & Our Direction

ER was formulated for a number of significant reasons, one being an approach in 2018 by the IAM, where Nick and Lawrence were invited to provide a proposal based upon the concept of developing an Academy of Excellence within the IAM. The aim being to develop and train their instructors. Our creative proposal and presentation was successful; although for internal reasons the IAM planning, and finances changed which meant the project did not come to fruition. But this experience and those of other industry contacts urged us to formulate ER as a Company, so Expert Roadcraft Ltd was officially formed at the end of 2019.

Since that time, we have confidently and cautiously grown testing our systems, refining our services, building our network of hand-picked trainers (something we continuously review).

Our future business focus is in digging deeper in driver training areas where we believe have been poorly served. Our R&D focus and potential service development programme is looking into the following themes as consultancy topics:

  • How the use of technology is really affecting driver performance for good and bad.
  • How Mental Health is being managed within the driver training industry.
  • What behavioural tools we can introduce into our training.
  • Researching the Grey Fleet market where HSWA and compliance issues need greater analysis to identify breaches so we can better protect organisations.
  • How can telematic fleet management systems be smartly employed within our training.
  • Identifying how recruitment can be smarter when profiling jobs with drivers to reduce risk.


Nick Dunn


Lawrence Beazley